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  • Watching: Leafs Fall
I will be attending the steampunk expo in November 4-6 in Wichita, KS.

Anybody else gonna be there, hej?

My girlfriend will be whoring bartering her wares at some booth I don't have the number for yet. Check us out and in the mean time check out her esty shop for shinies.…
  • Watching: Leafs Fall
Premo! I don't think I've paid for dA since 2007. Time to do some customizing.
  • Watching: Leafs Fall
Commission's may be requested via dA Note or my e-mail, which can be found on my personal website.


Simple Lineart - B&W:
1 Portrait: $5 USD
1 Character: $7 USD

1 Portrait: $10 USD
1 Character: $15 USD

Full Color:
1 Portrait: $30 USD
1 Character: $35 USD

Additional characters or portraits are double the base price (e.g. 1 b&w char:$7.00 x 2 = $14.00)
I'll be getting some preliminary art and sketches up from an upcoming webcomic endeavor. I never name them, so you just gotta wait until its ready! Enjoy the art until then.
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So, I didn't win anything. I believe I wasn't supposed to mess with the templated text, but I can't handle something that looked so terrible. I just saw one of the winners pop up above and it looked nice, but the text didn't pop at all, and was generally lacking in interesting composition.

I submitted five pieces to the ADAI student exhibition. They don't state when the winners are announced, so sometime between now and March 27th I hope to get some good news.

Been working on some freelance work for a Google Android App. It's an MMO game set in Crusades. I'm doing icon illustrations and may be doing future work with the client for a logo and faction card designs. Definitely excited to do more work with him.

I've been going to a public live drawing session in Cedar Rapids on Tuesdays and Sundays. It's been great getting back into figurative art and using my charcoal for some good. Most of my personal work is on hold until the icons are done.

I sound like a robot typing this. Where's the emotion?! Where is the Passion??
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Look what I found! Oh man, good times. I think some of you will remember this, although I burnt a lot of bridges with most of the former members...
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  • Watching: ergo proxy
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I'll be uploading more design work for both school and freelance over the next month.
some good times.
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I got tired of that last journal I made in march. So here is a new journal entry. Iowa City was fun this weekend, no doubt. Getting out makes a difference in the way you check shit.
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Along side working, going to my gfx design courses, and drawing, theres this.

Most everybody thats down with anime and watches it from time to time, know about Naruto.

Well, over at :iconnarutofanclub: we've got this RPG Forum. We're looking for new members to come RP with us! The N.F.C has a couple totally original villages (Oni and Stone). If you've noticed my character shin popping up a lot its because I rp him there in Oni Village.

So, do you like rping having a little fun? Come join us for some ninja action! go to narutofanclub and send a note to them, letting them know which village you want to be a part of. Once you've sent them a note, come register at the forums with your dA account name. The RP Forum is here:…

Not gonna lie, I love being a ninja.
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I'll put it up here. Check out scraps for my ideas for this sequencial. Expect lots of ink stuff, not much color... yet. I love you all.



This gallery is going to explode with artwork. Most of it will probably be Naruto fanart and OC stuff. I'm so glad the real anime is back.

I'm late for class and almost out of coffee.

Devart 5 seems faster... I like it so far. I like the lighter backgrounds and smaller gfx. I going to be drawing more ( i think) as school approaches, both digitally and in my pad ( i hope).

Love you
I'm moved, and the internet is back. All is right with the world. Hurray! I like my new room, even though its not that different...
Hey, thats something.

The first person to claim they got the 6k hit gets a kiriban or whatever! Yay!
When the moms away, the boy with each all the chocolate.

HAH. I'm probably gonna gain weight after this.

I'm so anti-social, be my friend? Too little much too late. You know theres never any point to this shit right? Ok, good.

smecks. AGGGGHHHH, what should I talk about?

What is the world coming too? When two underage boys need booze they just can't get it.

I scratch my crouch to that. Hey if you need a movie to watch again, go watch Hero with Jet mutha fuckin Li. That is where the good shit is at.

I can't wait until its 2006.
BEGONE! Gone is my subscription, and its kind of a relief. I missed the old days of new deviations actually showing up by date instead of by member. I'm sure you can change that in the settings but I certainly wasn't looking for it. Plus its fun to read a title to something and then see it, instead of just seeing the thumbnail right away.

I'm gonna chill with this for a while.

I started making up homework for classes at 9pm and it is now 5:45am. I've gotten a lot done, now I'm sketching in charcoal, conte, and graphite and its pretty fun and at the same time I don't know what to expect. I'm mind is fairly loose from the lack of sleep so it is easy to interpret visuals and put it onto paper. I can't make a habit of it but I'm very glad I did this.

Class is soon, and for once I won't be late.

Or will I?
One of these days, there will be something new on this page. Yet that day is not today.

It'll be sweet, I'm sure, or it might be a scrap, dunno. I miss drawing, but I can't draw because I don't draw daily.

I'm pissed about shit.


Mon Jun 6, 2005, 11:35 PM

I work at GameStop now.

It's flippin' sweet.

word word
Writing a new journal entry is just so easy.